Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 14

ABBY’S words felt to Prisca like a cold bath of shame in winter. And Prisca just couldn’t take the humiliation.

Falling on her knees to appease Abby in order to cover up for what she did to Emma… that was the ultimate degradation the queen of it all could ever take. No Prisca couldn’t bear the embarrassment of that day.

And so, like a land snail hibernating in a time of draught, Prisca took a break from her friends altogether.

She began to avoid seeing or meeting with the other two girls. And Abby kept her promise to Prisca. She didn’t tell Emma what Prisca did.

But Abby only kept her promise as long as she didn’t see Prisca to prod her offended heart. She kept sealed lips.

But only so long as Prisca’s agile presence was not there to remind her. To remind her about her gross disappointment in her.



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Yet Abby had sincerely forgiven Prisca her friend the moment the latter went on her knees to beg. But then wherever Abby saw Emma the betrayed one, a deep sense of sympathy always welled up from the bowels of her heart.

In spite of the fact that the two girls were age mates, Abby always saw Emma as the little sister she never had. And with Prisca’s betrayal now Abby only pitied Emma day in, day out.

Abby wondered if Emma could ever get to know that Prisca stabbed her in the back. And she just pitied her quiet friend even more.

The burden was huge and Abby took it on herself to care for the betrayed kid sister. And the way to go was to spit it out. The way Abby found to care for Emma was to tell her what Prisca did.

In the meantime, Prisca was done with the needed break to get back enough confidence to reappear in the ever so illustrious Pea clique. She decided join Emma and Abby again and cap their lovely P-ea.

It was a bright Friday morning today. Prisca dazzled along with the morning sun. Her buoyancy shone so bright like ever before. And before Abby she oozed with grace and confidence like nothing ever happened.

Prisca had gone through series of talks with her image in the mirror from the day she fell to grass. And up to this new day that she was getting back to her feet, a couple of weeks after the great fall.

That beautiful Friday the trio sat in a café with a morning cup of kolffity each. And they savoured the taste and aroma of the iced kola nut tea with some digestive biscuits.

Abby couldn’t bear the radiant glow Prisca exuded. She wondered how the traitor could ooze with confidence in front of Emma already.

Abby pitied Emma even much more. And before she knew it the words found their way out of her sealed lips.

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In one moment, everything Prisca and Abby agreed to keep buried in the ground, came up fully exhumed. Like a rotten, rattling bag of skeletons.

All in Prisca’s startled eyes.

All in Emma’s shocked ears.

The moment Abby spilled everything her eyes met with Prisca’s bulging eyes. And just then she remembered that humble moment Prisca got down on her knees to apologise. She remembered her own promise to her, too.

But before Abby’s eyes would melt so apologetically, those little eyes drifted back to Emma. And she could see the tears roll down Emma’s face.

And Abby just couldn’t hold it anymore.

She turned to Prisca immediately. ‘Prisca, you really have to apologise to Emma!’ she blurted out. ‘You have hurt her so much!’ she insisted.

Prisca felt betrayed now. And she felt Abby was even more callous than she herself was.

She stood up to her feet immediately, and walked out of the café. And out of the group of the three, too.

That fated Friday morning in college, Prisca left the Pea trio behind her, and she never looked back. For neither Emma nor Abby mattered any longer.

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But Prisca wasn’t the only one to use the exit door. Emma also looked out through the open doors of trust and friendship. She became more withdrawn from the remains of sisterhood that only Abby and her had to grapple with.

For a wall of distrust began to mount up in Emma’s mind. From a low rise, and up to a towering height.

For Emma, the Pea clique had been a home away from her own affluent family in South Africa.

The George-Wallace family she gradually fled from via admission into the University of Seychelles.

Emma was an immigrant with a purpose. She was going to become a permanent resident of this distant island clusters, quietly sitting off the eastern coasts of the giant African continent.

And in that quiet shores of Seychelles, Emma had found a safe harbour in the lovely Pea clique.

But now Prisca’s betrayal shattered her new shelter.

And since that day in college years back Emma became so wary.

So wary of the girls that called themselves her friends.

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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