Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 15

ABBY Camille was back from the long voyage of memory. One that spanned days before return.

And finally back, the 24 year old detainee sat accomplished in her cell.

Prisca’s caustic words to Abby upon her recent visit, were the very keys Abby used to unlock the memory gates. On that quest to reach the genesis of everything.

Thanks for showing me that pathetic side today, girlfriend. You have no idea… the miserable looking you really makes my day already.

Those were the cutting words Prisca spoke. And those words were the catalyst to Abby’s significant memory.

Abby had seen Prisca fall so pathetic in front of her. And she realised now that Prisca’s goal since that day, was to make her go down as pathetic as she’d gone.

Now Abby was able to put the puzzles together. She hadn’t only remembered the incidence that made a foe out of a friend. She also understood exactly what made her become Prisca’s enemy.

It wasn’t really about betraying Prisca to Emma. The fact that Abby discovered Prisca’s attempt to have Emma’s man for herself, was only a cartilage in the hard bone of contention.

And now Abby could stack together every pixel bit that formed the big picture. She could see Prisca whole.

She gasped. ‘Prisca is crushed because she knelt in front of me!’

Abby beamed to herself. And then her wide smile soon burst into a hysteric fit of laughter, bouncing off the walls of the detention cell.

She stood up and roamed about as she stuttered through her giggles. ‘She’s angry… She’s angry… She’s angry because she fell on her knees!’

After a moment of an exuberant glee, Abby’s voice dropped to a soft low. ‘I thought I’ll have to deal with Prisca when I get out of here,’ she muttered to herself.

‘I thought I’ll have to get out before my revenge. But here is it already. I’ve dealt with her even before I started!’ she beamed, her face radiant with an uncommon shine.

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Abby knew her friend’s pride much too well. Indeed, Abby knew more of Prisca’s ego than she knew of Prisca as a friend.

And she knew nothing in the world would ever appease the iron queen. Nothing on earth could be done to ease the pain in Prisca’s metal chest.

It wasn’t ever about Abby in the first place. It was rather about the battles going on in Prisca’s head. The battles she was fighting against her own army, against her own self.

‘I didn’t ask her to kneel down,’ Abby chuckled, leaning on the cell wall.

‘She knelt all by herself. And now she’s fighting herself in me that she knelt to beg. I’m just a victim of circumstance in the long run!’ she mocked in a gleeful tone of voice.

In a moment Abby went a little meditative.

Even if I’m eventually sentenced to a prison term, I still have an edge over Prisca! All I have to do is to smile and laugh any time I see her!

And Abby muttered aloud. ‘Prisca is her own prison.’

But Abby remembered Emma now, and her own game against her.

She wouldn’t need to lift a finger against Prisca, but she still had Emma to deal with. She still had Emma to bring to her knees.

But then, much more than bringing Emma down, Abby was worried about something else.

She was worried about someone who should have come visiting her in detention but hadn’t showed up.

She was worried about a special someone. Someone she loved and longed to see since the day she got here behind bars.

It was Emma’s Jerry in another form.

It was Abby’s Jason.

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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