Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 17

AT first, Jason was simply a joker card. In Abby’s game to crush Emma.

But Jason didn’t remain a mere pawn in the scheme. He didn’t stay as Abby’s ostentatious showpiece to flaunt around and spite Emma with.

For soon enough the prince of good looks crawled up the lofty heart of that smart and beautiful gamer. And in one gallant sweep he carted her heart away.

Abby tripped over and fell completely for the young man. And being completely in love with the charming dude, she started to push for marriage proposal from Jason.

If I can marry Jason soon enough, she said to herself. If I can get married before Emma, Emma will never stand a chance against me!

However, Abby noticed a distressing something. It was the peace and happiness that oozed from Emma’s person all along her hunting chase.

And not even the Jason card Abby played against Emma was big enough to shake up her little friend.

Yes, Emma’s demeanour and ambience didn’t show she was moved or even concerned about Abby’s relationship with Jason.

And it hurt Abby to the bone. That her friend didn’t feel the slightest pain of the punches she threw at her.

Abby thus went on to play her second game, where she was throwing a card with a bigger figure and higher stake.

Whatever it was that made Emma fly above the clouds, whatever it was that made her so happy… Abby was determined to crush it with one big blow.

And that giant blow eventually came. It came as that drug setup which Abby schemed to rope Emma in. It was to be everlasting mess.

But then again here sat Abby Camille. Right inside the ditch she’d diligently dug for her friend.

Detained herself for possessing drugs, Abby had finally resigned to fate. Yet the fact that Jason hadn’t come to see her. No it wasn’t a fate she could easily accept.

When Abby had begun to push for a marriage proposal from her king of hearts, Jason could only go that far with their sizzling romance. And he started to withdraw so cleverly Abby didn’t notice.

Abby didn’t suspect a thing. Not until now that she was in detention, and Jason never showed up.

Yet Abby couldn’t still absorb everything. For Jason was too much of a lover king to be anything else to her.

Sitting conquered in the cell now, Abby reassured herself.

‘Jason is my king in this game of hearts… And the game isn’t over yet.

‘I still have Jason… I still have my Jason,’ she whispered.

◙ ◙ ◙

Prisca’s laughter enveloped her large living room.

It was eventually the first hearing in Abby’s trial today, and the court session was just done with.

Prisca returned from court and she relished in the delightful memory of the court proceedings. The case was already going exactly as she wanted it. And she was sure she’d have Abby’s back on the ground.

Abby’s case was crystal clear. Most evidences supported the charge that she had something to do with hard drugs.

The case was adjoined to a fortnight for the cross-examination of evidences. It was almost certain Abby would have to spend a number of years in jail.

Prisca laughed so hard that tears trickled down her face. Abby’s downfall was the revenge she’d always anticipated. And here it was right in front of her. She was more than delighted.

But then Prisca’s happiness soon broke its slender frame, and the hearty laughter turned a sad note.

Prisca felt futile. She’d got her revenge already, but her memory was still stuck in that moment. That moment she dropped down on her knees. Right in front of Abby.

Prisca had always thought her big revenge was enough price to buy back her pride. She’d always thought Abby’s downfall would be enough to erase her embarrassment.

When the young woman fell to her knees, she’d consoled herself she was like a seed that fell below the earth and rotted there. And that the decay was her temporary humiliation.

Prisca had since promised herself she would again sprout in glory one day. That one day she would sprout up and stand high above the earth that buried her.

But now the young woman realised she still lay low beneath the earth, decayed and rotten.

And even when the soil above her had eroded, and when the sun now shone above her head, Prisca still lay there decayed and rotten.



The Outcast - cover

Abby’s downfall was good enough to make the young lady happy. But then she still hadn’t risen in glory as she’d always hoped to.

Prisca stood up now from the couch she’d sunk in, and she paced around her living room. She tried so hard to figure out why she wasn’t as happy. As happy as she should be.

‘Maybe it’s because Abby hasn’t been sentenced,’ mused the young woman. ‘Everything will be fine the moment that girl is sentenced to jail,’ she mumbled.

Prisca Joubert hadn’t lacked anything that made for happiness. Her top University grade earned her four job offers upon her graduation. Yet Prisca chose to rather work for herself.

The smart champ soon launched a startup that manufactured mini hydroelectric power plants for homes. And this ingenious move was Prisca’s last card against her genius twin brother. She knew Peter could only do well working for people rather than for himself.

Yet that giant feat was equally Prisca’s joker to beat everyone around her. Making money without having to bow to anyone.

Up till that moment, the young entrepreneur had achieved her aim. For at 25, Prisca had garnered enough revenue that could buy up a startup or two.

With her enviable success, Prisca Joubert was already crowned the queen she longed to be.

But then the queen of life lacked one thing. And that was to it right back: she wanted to take that moment she fell to her knees back.

Prisca knew she had her revenge already. And more than she wanted.  Yes, she hadn’t exactly got Abby to fall to her knees as payback. But she’d eventually got Abby’s life crumble right in front of her eyes.

Still Prisca wasn’t happy.

And she sank exhausted in the couch.

She sighed. ‘It’ll be over when Abby goes to jail!’

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