Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 18

THE sentence was 3 years. It was 3 years in prison for the possession of drugs.

Abby had managed to escape Prisca’s brutal scheme to make her rot in jail. And the law was considerable and fair after all.

Being a first time offender and without an evidence of any hard drug in Abby’s blood stream, Abby’s tenacious attorney was able to prove that his client never consumed drugs.

And with no contact links to drug dealers from Abby’s side, it was impossible for the court to indict Abby with a charge of drug dealing.

Abby was left with the one count charge of drug possession and was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Emma staggered out of the court room that sober evening as she watched Abby trod towards the waiting jail van.

Here was Emma’s one-time best friend since the good old days. Here was the ever so friendly Abby, being led already into the van carting her to prison.

Yet to think that the frightening consequence had been the goal of Abby’s scheme to set up the gentle lady. No it was hurting to the deepest soul for Emma now.

Emma had returned to normal life since a long time. She’d returned to her apartment and to running her supermarket.

Yet it had taken all of Jerry to get a terrified Emma to visit her friend in detention. And to get her to attend the court ruling today.

Emma remembered everything as she now wandered in the car park, and searched around to know if Jerry had arrived.

For Jerry had promised to come pick his woman during his lunchbreak, when the court proceedings would have been over.

Emma remembered everything now. She remembered the day Jerry drove her back to her apartment and brought up paying Abby a visit.

Jerry was simply commending his girl for taking back her courage to resume normal living, when he had his admonition sandwiched into the package.

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Emma was skeptical about Jerry’s sudden praise as they drove along. But Jerry insisted he meant his commendations for Emma.

‘I know my Emma too well, don’t I?’ he quipped, taking a glance at his woman. ‘I know if you took about a week to recover from your best friend’s betrayal, then you’ve given it the best of yourself already.’

Emma was now assured Jerry wasn’t making a jest of her. And a coy, little smile formed on her lips now as she made an effort to hide it.

But it was now that Jerry brought in his suggestion. And with his heartfelt way with words, he reached down to his woman’s courage and warmed it up.

‘You know with this gut you’ve got, dear,’ he put in ‘you can go on to check up on your friend already. I mean Abby. She’s not a monster, you know. And no matter what Abby has done to you, she is your friend.’

In that instant Emma’s sheepish smile faded without an effort. ‘She was my friend,’ insisted the hurting girl.

‘Okay, let’s say she was…’ Jerry interposed. ‘But you’re not succumbing. You’re not the one hiding anymore. Emma is back heart and soul. The real you that is concerned and true, huh?’

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Emma was quiet now. And Jerry didn’t stop. He was all determined to help his girlfriend out of the heartbreak. He was ready to do all he could.

‘You can’t continue to fear what’s not there, you know. But if you’re this scared, how scared do you think your friend will be in detention?

‘You were almost set up by her, yes. Still she was definitely set up by Prisca. So Abby must be very lonely and scared by now. She’s your best friend at any rate.’

Emma only bit down her lips now and she didn’t to contest things.

Jerry took a quick glance at his woman. ‘Have you even considered why Abby did it?’ he asked.

‘You always told me Abby was dependable when you were in college. Have you worried about what changed your friend? So now you must agree you owe your best friend the visit?’

Emma felt bad now. She realised she hadn’t thought of anyone other than herself since the incidence. And now she thought of how hard things would be for Abby and for her parents.

Araba: a story poem
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Emma patted her lips open at last.

‘You are right, Big J,’ she breathed. ‘You’re so right. I really should. It may take a little while, but I promise I’ll check up on her soon enough,’ she said.

Jerry beamed and hit the steering wheel. ‘That’s the spirit, baby girl! That’s the spirit!’

Emma remembered everything now.

And how she had summoned enough courage to visit Abby a few weeks after the talk. And how Jerry brought her to attend the dreadful court session today.

Emma staggered and stumbled now in the parking lot. And she crumbled under the weight of everything.

But just when the cute little thing tipped over in a dazed fall… a big, burly arm hauled her frame up with one gallant sweep. And in a quick flip of time the girl was pulled by the brawny arm onto a big, broad chest.

Emma was stunned and startled. And as she moved to loosen herself from the masculine clasp, the voice sounded in a deep, husky low.

Emma was stunned and startled. And as she moved to loosen herself from the masculine clasp, the voice sounded in a deep, husky low.

‘Stay still baby, I’m here.’

Emma recognised the voice and she looked up at the speaker. And then she sunk closer into that firm manly clasp even more and broke down in tears.

‘Ah what have we become, Big J?!’ she cried. ‘What have my friends and I become?!’

Jerry could tell today’s outcome at this rate.

He knew that even though the accused was Emma’s foe, yet Abby was as much of a friend to her as to make Emma too shaken with her going to jail.

And there were no perfect words to say now as Emma teared up beneath his firm, warm clasp. There were no words sufficient to still the big shock today.

Jerry patted his girl in the back now.

‘It’ll be okay, baby,’ he whispered. ‘It’ll be okay, please.’

Araba: a story poem
Click on image to read the story poem of hope

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