Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 19

PRISCA Joubert watched, too, as Abby was led into the jail van.

But Prisca wasn’t satisfied with watching from afar; and so she took a few steps closer to her convicted friend.

She wanted to see Abby cry. She wanted to see her crumble to her knees in front of her.

Now, just when Prisca got close enough, the two frenemies locked eyes. And Abby smiled. She simply smiled.

Abby knew it all along that Prisca would be waiting to see her tears today. She knew Prisca would show up in court and would want more than to see her sentenced. She knew her friend would want to see her break down in tears.

Yet Abby knew just how to beat Prisca.

It was simply to smile. To smile at the foe.

Abby flashed a beautiful, confident smile at Prisca now. And Prisca hurt right down into her soul… with a burning pang.

In that moment the spring of happiness oozing out from Prisca’s soul since the court verdict, was instantly consumed. In an intense blaze of discontent.



The Outcast - cover

Prisca wondered why Abby would ever smile at her. She wondered why Abby would have that beautiful smile in her face, when she was just sentenced to prison.

Prisca was puzzled and perplexed. She turned back.

‘Why on earth did she smile?’ she mumbled, frustrations burning within her already.

In that volatile moment every iota of happiness in Prisca melted away like wax.

She’d placed her last card on the table already. She’d given her best to crush Abby. But after all her effort Abby simply smiled.

And that buoyant smile was more than enough to crush every stone of joy that formed Prisca’s castle of accomplishment.

Prisca looked beaten and withered as she wandered to her car in the parking lot.

‘Why did she smile? Why did Abby smile?’ she mumbled and moaned.

Yet just when the young woman got to her car and raised her head, she saw the cause of everything that had happened to their clique. The genesis of their entire race and chase.

Prisca saw their friend in her man’s warm clasp now.

She saw Emma wrapped up in Jerry’s arms.

And Prisca just hurt so much more.

◙ ◙ ◙

Abby had reached the summit of her first hill now.

She knew her simple smile was enough punch to knock Prisca off-balance. And that was exactly what she’d done to her friend.

Now the new convict had to face the greater summit in front of her. It was a mountain Abby didn’t yet know about its bigness.



The Outcast - cover

As the jail van carted the young lady away, Abby looked out at the free world through the tinted window.

The new convict thought about the time she would spend in prison. Three years seemed quite simple to her.

Abby had been alone in her detention cell for weeks closing into a few months. And that made the young lady conclude that the prison cell couldn’t be far worse.

But then Abby didn’t know that a river too shallow for her boat to ferry through, was only a few hours’ drive away now.

Soon enough Abby would make a turn on the road of life.

One that would turn around a stark reality.

Araba: a story poem
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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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