Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 23

IT was Abby’s 8th night in Montagne Posée already. And the young woman looked forward to a night with a difference. As Madame Annie had assured her.

The full week of a ritual welcome – as the warden called Abby’s bullying experience. That traumatic ritual was now over, an innocent Abby hoped.

Already the 24 year old was close to breaking down. As a result of the sleepless nights she’d kept all the while, to defend herself from the hits of every night.

Now her eyes were red and sunken. And she looked pale and gaunt, too.

The little time Abby slept at all, she slept with her senses awake. At other times, she drifted to a deeper sleep for a few hours; before she would jolt up from bed again on impulse.

It was a really hard time Abby had those long seven days. And the young woman couldn’t read the sign on the wall.

Abby didn’t know Providence was calling into her ears in the things breaking her down. Nor did she know a benevolent God was desperately seeking her attention.

It was night now. A time for the new inmate to catch up on her sleep. But then something happened.

Something that shook the poor girl to her roots.

Abby made her bed to sleep that night. And exactly as Madame Annie had assured the young lady, none of her cell mates came up to beat her. She lay in her bed quietly, watching as everyone went to bed without a word to her.

But then the 24 year old had her doubts about everything now. She found it hard to believe that her stone hard bullies would turn some jelly paste overnight.

From the start Abby was convinced that her cell mates were hardened criminals of the worst sort. Especially with the callousness with which they beat and battered her since she came there.

But now that the one-week ritual of bullying seemed over as the warden promised, the young lady still couldn’t trust her cell mates’ behaviour.

And so, on a second thought, Abby prepared for the worst. She lay in bed with her eyes open, and desperately forced back the sleep.

The light was out, and everything was silent and still.

Abby didn’t hear her cell mates talk, let alone plot anything among themselves. She didn’t hear footsteps, too. So she started to conclude that everyone had drifted to sleep.

Soon after, a light snore rose above the general quiet; and it thickened as the moments slowly passed.

Abby’s mind was put at rest at the sound of someone snoring. In that moment her lean eyes yearned for a refreshing sleep, too. Her long awaited sleep.

The weary lady closed her eyes to sleep. She took a small moment to fantasise about how satisfying her dreams would be that night.


– Here on –

Eclipse - cover
Eclipse eNovel

Before Abby drifted into a deep sleep, her mind quietly floated to the sermon she heard only a few days earlier.

The sermon about true rest. Preached by the teenage boy Carmel.

Abby thought about the words. And she remembered the altar call she left behind to see Madame Annie Augustine.

The young lady heaved a sigh and turned in her bed.

She mumbled quietly to herself. ‘If only the boy was a little older, people would’ve taken him more serious!’

But just then Abby recalled that several people went out to answer the altar call that day. She remembered the people went as far as going on their knees at the altar, as they were asked to.

Abby waved her excuse, turning to the other side. Just then another defense popped up in her mind.

But why did he have to call us out? And even make us kneel in front of him, she queried in her mind.

He’s just a little boy. He could’ve allowed us do our repentance in our seats. He should have, at least!

Yet now, Abby remembered that glorious moment. That moment she was touched by the words. Plus, how she was felt so drawn to the altar.

So the young lady waved this excuse, too.

The quiet woman turned to lie on her back. And within a moment Abby drifted to sleep.

◙ ◙ ◙

It was about four hours of a deep sleep now.

Abby Camille’s eyes suddenly popped open. And there it was looming large in front of her. The full bodied reason why Heaven tapped the girl awake.

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It was the ring leader in front of her eyes, a big and hefty woman. And she was just bowing to kneel across Abby’s body, at the same time aiming to unclad the sleeping lady.

Abby’s eyes popped out in a mixture of dread and disgust.

As she gaped her mouth open to scream aloud, her assaulter quickly knelt over her and clasped both hands over her mouth.

Abby would rather die than be sodomised. So she decided to fight till her last breath.

Abby Camille didn’t know where her strength and resilience came from in that moment. She struggled and wrestled. She wrestled and battled.

For ten tough minutes.

No one came to Abby’s aid, but it seemed she could hear a few whispers amid the scuffle. At this rate Abby concluded she had no one on her side. She realised she was alone once again.

In that desperate moment Abby cried to God for help. Just then she realised she could put her knee to work.

That instant the agile lady pulled her knee up and inwards, and with a crashing force she smashed her assaulter in the spine so hard.

So hard the hooligan’s back cracked with a sound.

The gang leader groaned and grimaced. She rolled off the bed and dropped to the hard floor.

It was then Abby realised almost all the inmates were awake already. For everyone jumped to her feet as though under a compelling spell, and they rushed down to attend to their hurting leader.

When two of them turned to beat Abby up, the leader told them to leave the lady for her to handle some other time.

Abby was too shocked for a whimper. To shocked to process anything at all. She felt traumatised.

Now she hated everything Montagne Posée. She loathed everyone there.

Abby hated life and hated herself. She hated the fact that another woman would find her body attractive. She loathed everything life.

Now Abby desperately wished for a helper. One that is so true and real, and wouldn’t promise her bubbles like Madame Annie Augustine.

The young woman decided to look inwards.

Only you can be your true helper, Abby! she told herself at last.

But right there in her innermost soul was that still, small voice.

Only the Lord is. Only the Lord is the Helper of the helpless.

Just now Abby remembered the parole she’d be applying for. She also remembered her firm decision to be of the best behavior, to have her parole granted.

Abby assured herself. ‘I alone can be my true helper!’

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