Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 24

IT was a beautiful sunshine in the clear sky that Saturday morning.

Emma and Jerry carted themselves away to a green field on the countryside. This was the time of the year when flowers bloom and butterflies flutter.

Today was Emma’s 25th birthday. And the birthday girl had chosen to mark her special day in a private picnic with her handsome.

More than ever, Emma wanted to get away from the stress of the previous months. And to stick so close to her man. As close as Jerry’s very skin.

The lovely pair lay on the low green, spanning a gentle slope. A slope that also looked over a small, quiet church.

Emma championed a board game of checkers with Jerry. But Jerry had been quieter today, letting his woman beat him black and blue.

Already the birthday girl had won three rounds out of three. And it certainly was no fun for Emma.

For the happy girl today couldn’t tell why her tough man on games, was letting her beat him without a tussle at all. It was boring, but Emma chose not to worry about Jerry’s quietness today.

It had been about 45 minutes of play and chatters, along with taking lots of pictures. Emma stopped the game midway now. For she suddenly had something else on her mind.

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The young woman’s mind had discreetly crawled back to what she’d been trying to wade off for weeks and months on end. It was the case of Abby.

Emma had tried to understand why Abby set her up in the first place. But the mere thought was a burden on its own. A burden too daunting to carry.

But now that the board game here wasn’t as challenging as Emma had expected, the lady’s thoughts quietly crept back to the piles. The piles she’d left somewhere in her mind.

Emma hadn’t summoned enough courage to ask Abby about why she plotted against her in the first place.

Now seeing Abby sentenced to 3 years in prison for what she herself would have been framed for. No that only wrecked the fragile lady to pieces.

And so Emma couldn’t help bringing it up already.

The celebrant dropped her game pieces at once. She blurted. ‘Prison is for criminals, Jerry! Not for a friend. Not for a gentle friend like Abby, really!’

Jerry looked up at her girl, to at least catch up with her outlook.

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Emma was quiet for a second or two. And when she resumed, her frustration was apparent.

‘I’m just coming apart from my stress and worries,’ she complained. ‘But it seems life keeps throwing all sort of pebbles at me, Jerry!’

Jerry’s voice came up now, and in a bold and assuring tone. ‘Mm, you are right to say that, Emma,’ he said, thoughtfully. ‘And it’s simply because you’re a sort of mortar, dear,’ he asserted.

Emma looked intently, and attentively.

‘Like I see it,’ continued Jerry, ‘you’re like a mix of cement and sand, like a soft mortar. And because you’re soft and pliable, God is making a strong woman out of you, especially with those hard pebbles you talk about.

‘You see it is just like gravels harden soft mortar into strong concrete. Baby girl, God is making you stronger with all these, believe me.’

Emma was amazed at that perspective. ‘Oh I never thought of it from that angle before,’ she breathed.

Jerry nodded quietly. ‘Oh really,’ he hummed softly.

Emma cuddled up to her man. ‘Thanks a lot, Big J. Thank you so much!’

Jerry smiled and wrapped his hand around her.


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Eclipse eNovel

Emma went on in a little chatter. ‘You know, everything seems to be crashing on me nowadays. Just while I was recovering from the shock of Abby’s betrayal, my best friend was sentenced to prison.

‘You see, asking Abby why she betrayed me seems unimportant already. That Abby’s in jail is enough heartbreak for me!’

Jerry peered down at Emma’s soft eyes. ‘Baby girl, you know you’re doing well so far. But if this situation’s becoming too much a burden for you, you can tiptoe out of everything!’ he admonished.

Emma sprang up and sat up straight.

She blurted. ‘That’s it, Big J! That’s it! Next week let’s get…’

Jerry was quick and didn’t let his adorable finish up her words. Within a second the young dude crossed his girl’s lips with a finger and quietly hushed her.

The next second Jerry clasped his hand over his girl’s small wrist, pulled her up to her feet; and down the gentle slope he raced with her with a gentle pull.

Emma was caught off-guard and made speechless. She had no clue what this was about. She stuttered but the words wouldn’t flow.

‘What are you… what are you doing?! Where… where are we heading?! Are we going somewhere…? Why are we…’

The words just wouldn’t flow in a reasonable stream. And Jerry wasn’t talking either.

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Emma resigned already; gathering her flowing dress and hurrying along behind her man’s hasty heels.

The winds poured past the two as they cantered down the gentle slope. Soon also the chimes came pouring in their ears. It was the chimes of church bells ringing down the green vale.

Emma couldn’t grasp what Jerry was up to at all. But she wouldn’t just keep mute and not ask him.

Yet before the birthday girl could mouth a complain, they were at the foot of the slope. In front of the beautiful, little church.

And before Emma could blurt out her protest, Jerry laid a finger over his girl’s lips again, and stilled her at once.

Jerry stepped a foot closer to his girl, held her hands in his; and he locked eyes with his beautiful diamond for one small moment.

Jerry gazed into Emma’s sparkly eyes with a breathless marvel. And the pretty girl couldn’t help but flutter like the butterflies of fragrant petals.

Her lower belly knotted up also.

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Emma caught the passion flames in her dude’s eyeballs. The kind she saw when he once told her, ‘I love you too much!’

The kind she saw when he declared: ‘I fear how much I love you!’

And right now the young beautiful wanted her man more than she’d ever fancied. She wanted Jerry to be all she’d ever own.

The beautiful girl bit down her lip now, and just looked away. For the smitten young woman couldn’t stand that crushing gaze a second longer.

Jerry spoke right then, in a full masculine voice.

‘Now… Marry me please,’ he said.

Emma shot back her eyes on her handsome dude with an astonished glare. ‘What d’ you…? D’ you mean…? That was what I wanted to…’

Jerry stilled Emma, with a finger laid on his own lips. ‘Hush! The church bells are ringing; it’s our holy time!’

Emma was too stunned for words. It was the fantasy she’d never imagined. The beautiful dream she’d never had.

Emma dissolved into happy tears now, and she crashed into her man’s arms. ‘Yes my Big J! Yes, yes all the way!’ she cried sweetly.

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Right now Emma realised that what she’d planned to say was equally the plan on her man’s mind. The thoughts that made him a little quieter that morning.

Yet Jerry was faster and bolder. For rather than plan to take Emma to the altar the week after – as the earliest time Emma thought possible, the gentleman wanted to wed his lady right now.

Jerry Morel wore a neat white shirt on a black pairs of trousers. Over his shirt he wore a waistcoat with rainbow design pattern across its two front halves.

Emma was dressed in a beautiful cream gown, with a floral-printed design running diagonally from her waist band down the pleated skirt.

Jerry took a neat, white handkerchief and dabbed Emma’s tears, pressing a gentle kiss on his lady’s lips.

The handsome groom plucked a bouquet of sunflower amid the lush greens, and he adorned his bride’s hands with it.

Thus whilst the church bells chimed, Jerry and his beautiful bride walked down the aisle to the altar.

And two hearts were knotted together.

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