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Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 25

JERRY and Emma emerged out of their month-long honeymoon, with a first duty to fulfill.

It was a special visit to a friend in Montagne Posée. It was the first visit to Abby since she was jailed.

Now close already, the newlywed drove down the lonely lane which led to the correctional facility in Victoria.

The couple drove along the leaf littered street, with soft music from the car stereo accompanying their quiet and beautiful drive. The two hearts simply sat back and relished in the soft music playing.

The track playing now was Jerry’s recent favourite. It was Hillsong’s Till I See You. Jerry Morel whistled along, with his bride quietly humming.

Emma was the one who raised the idea of visiting Abby, when the new couple honeymooned.

She’d earlier concluded Abby couldn’t have had any sensible reason for trying to set her up in the first place. But she decided she’d forgive her friend no matter how nonsensical Abby’s excuse sounded.

Emma’s delicate heart had grown large enough to sympathise with her friend’s predicament, and to forgive Abby completely.

So the young bride resolved in her heart to completely forgive her bestie for the betrayal.

Jerry decided to stopped the music now, while the track was winding down. He wanted a small talk with his wife before they’d arrive.

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But before Jerry began, Emma spoke up. ‘You know I feel bad I’m just forgiving Abby after all this while.’

Jerry glanced at her. ‘Of course you should. And yet you shouldn’t, really.’

‘Which of the two? The carrot or the stick?’

‘The truth, darling. The truth.’

Jerry stayed a second to mark the quiet smile on Emma’s lips, before he went on.

‘You see, as Christians, there shouldn’t be anything too big or too serious for us to forgive.’

Emma nodded at her husband’s flawless words.

‘But you see,’ Jerry added, ‘you were so broken all the while that you didn’t have that luxury of annoyance, baby.

‘You didn’t even have the privilege of resenting your friend, you know. You’ve been busy tearing up by yourself, and healing up also.

‘And now that the memories no longer hurt you, you’re remembering Abby for the first time in a long time…

‘Now that you’ve got ample time to see what she did to you, you’re deciding to forgive her, even when you haven’t heard her out.

‘That’s a big feat darling! That’s really big,’ Jerry said.

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Emma gazed speechlessly at her perfect man a moment.

At last she had the right words.

‘Aw honey, the depth of your understanding is matchless!’ she breathed. ‘Thank you for understanding me so much. Thank you so much, darling!’

Jerry glanced at his beautiful wife. And he acknowledged her words with a gentle smile.

The new groom looked ahead. Soon he turned around at the next intersection.

For there ahead was the correctional facility.

◙ ◙ ◙

Abby’s heart galloped ahead of her feet. She followed a young warden in her fast steps as she was led into the guest hall.

Abby was discharged from a sickbed. Where the young lady had lain in the past few days under the pretense of being ill, in order to afford herself some good sleep.

Being a daughter of a medical doctor, Abby knows the symptoms she could feign to safely bypass medical examination, and get herself a sickbed in the prison clinic. All so she could avoid her hardened cell mates.

In the past month, the young lady had got back her sleep using her simple trick. She’d also been able to escape being sodomised by her cell mates with that method.

Already, Abby’s cell mates were tired out already and had lost interest in harassing her altogether. Even so, the young woman never even took a glance of those women, let alone notice they’d given up that soon.

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In any case, Abby maintained her sleep routine in the prison clinic. She also found both warmth and friendship in the medical ward.

Now the young woman of 25 years already, was just informed about her visitors. She was told a certain Mr and Mrs Morel had come visiting her.

Abby’s heart raced faster than her limbs.

Just weeks earlier when she turned 25 in prison, just four days before Emma’s birthday, Abby thoughts had wandered to this one-time best friend of hers.

Ever since Abby came to face the reality of her new home, she’d decided to see every visitor that came for her. The young lady had come to value every single person in her life.

Abby was broken. She’d opened her heart to her parents and relatives. She’d thought of Jason her boyfriend and of Prisca her enemy. Just anyone who’d take their time to visit her in that isolated world, Abby would readily receive.

But still Emma was a different case.

Abby Camille had a game going on in her head. And the opponent in her game still remained Emma.

But then the game wasn’t as important to Abby now as the name of her new visitors.

Abby wondered. Mr and Mrs Morel?

Is Jerry married? Has he wedded Emma already?!

Or…! Or is it some other girl…?

But if it’s another girl why will Jerry come here for me with his new wife? He wouldn’t come here with her, would he?

Or… wait a moment!

Could it be Emma at all?! Is Emma ma-r-r-ied…?!

Those thoughts. Those bothering thoughts. They were the drops which spread some ripple waves across Abby’s settled waters.

And just right ahead, sat the unbelievable answer.

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