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Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 28 (Penultimate episode)

THE setting western sun shone against a green lawn running across the front of a fine-looking bungalow.

There in that widespread yard sat a young handsome dude in a deckchair, basking in the soft glow of twilight.

Jason Curtis flipped through a broad entertainment magazine, as he reclined in that leisure chair outside his modest property.

It was the second day of Abby’s probation, with about 12 hours left of it. The 25-year-old came in front of Jason’s house now. She’d got to see him before she would return to the prison facility.

Abby hadn’t missed anyone in the past few months as she’d missed Jason Curtis. And here she was to find an answer to why her boyfriend wasn’t there through her hard days.

Well, Jason was no longer some joker card for the young gamer. He was no longer Abby’s card to beat Emma.

To Abby now, Jason was a guy she loved heart and soul. A young man she desired to marry.

Yet the young woman couldn’t think of any excuse to justify her man’s continuous negligence. Abby had given lots of excuses to console herself in the past months, that Jason still loved her.

But then she had run out of excuses altogether.

That evening the young beauty was ready to know the truth. To find out whether or not her Jason had changed.


Standing now at the gates, Abby could see Jason through the low fence. She could see her man alive and kicking.

The girl’s heart leapt up a second. She would hasten in immediately, but her feet wouldn’t just move a step. She just stood there, rooted to the spot.

Just then, two handsome looking kids of a mixed race, dashed out of the elegant house. And they ran around the yard, frolicking happily.

Photo Credits: rja

The older boy – about seven years old, flew a large colourful kite around. The younger boy also – only five, played with a toy plane.

Abby’s eyes followed the kids in a wild, roaming daze.

‘Who are these kids?’ she wondered. ‘What are they doing here?’

The young lady was about to explain it away, that those kids would probably be Jason’s nephews or something.

But then something happened. A beautiful Caribbean woman came out of the house, with a dish of diced apples and avocadoes in her hands.

She walked to Jason, leaned towards him and fed him with a small slice.

Jason took the slice from the woman’s hand with a smile. At the same time, he pulled the beautiful woman to himself in a close hug; his arms wrapped around her waist.

A lightning dart struck at Abby’s heart in that instant. She was shocked and shaken. She staggered where she stood.

Right then a small voice called at once.

‘Hey, who are you? Who are you?!’ It was the older kid yelling at the trespasser.

The other kid called out also. ‘Mum! Dad! There’s someone standing there!’

Jason turned to look towards where his kids pointed at, but he couldn’t see anyone. For Abby had ducked and hid herself around the low fence.

Abby Camille was too shattered now. Too shattered for a mend.

This was the last straw. The last straw that broke Camille’s back.

◙ ◙ ◙

Abby was back to prison. But she was back sick and hospitalised.

She laid in the prison ward, weak and weary. She laid crushed under a burden of illness.

Medications were somewhat weary to revive the sick child. None of them were working. For the hapless girl was sick from inside out. She was sick from within her heart.

Abby’s heart was tired and exhausted. Too exhausted to go a step further. And when the young heart couldn’t take it anymore, the body gave way under the weight of the burdens.

And now laying sick in the hospital bed, Abby drifted away in her hopes.

She seemed awake, yet she seemed locked down somewhere in her own body. Everything in her life flashed across her face like a film strip. And her life disgusted her.



Eclipse eNovel

Abby thought of the passion with which she chased after Emma. And the valour with which she raced away from Prisca. But that race and chase wasn’t the cause of the sour in her heart.

She’d reluctantly accepted defeat when Emma got married. And she was ready to forget the chase all together, and to focus on her life alone.

Again, she had felt lucky she came out of the entire game with a trophy. Her joker card turned the king of her heart.

Abby was happy she got Jason, as her ticket to a fresh start in life.

But here was that ticket, a huge bundle of lies. All of Abby Camille was utterly wrecked to pieces. And the will to move on passed on to the great beyond.

So now, the 25-year-old desperately wanted to put an end to everything here. She wanted to put an end to life.

Abby got up from sleep, looked around the quiet ward, and mustered up strength to stand.

She got up quietly and dragged herself to the store room belonging to the clinic pharmacy.

Incidentally, she found the door unlocked, and she stealthily let herself inside.



Eclipse eNovel

The despondent girl rampaged through cartons and bottles of medications. And in a moment she found it, exactly the pills she was looking for.

Abby poured out a handful from the bottle; stared at it for a long, hesitant moment, and then she swallowed a mouthful in an overdose.

Enough to set her into an endless sleep. A sleep opening up into the great beyond.

With that, the young woman crawled back to her bed. And she laid down to sleep.

But just then the dying girl remembered the young evangelist’s preaching about the sleep of death.

She remembered she hadn’t chosen the rightful kind of eternal rest she wanted for herself. She remembered she hadn’t turned her life over to Christ.

Now the young woman regretted she was ending her life before the end itself. She wished now that she stayed and undo everything.

She desperately wished she could have enough time. Enough time left to right her many wrongs.

But just then the girl drifted into that deep sleep. Deep as the depth of a bottomless abyss.

And Abby slept into that uncertain forever.

◙ ◙ ◙

A piercing ray of light flashed across the left side of Abby’s face.

In the next moment, the light drifted over to her right side; blinding every sense of sight with its brilliant glory.

Abby Camille woke up.

Can it be the Throne of Judgement? Can it be? Am I dead?

Abby only trembled. And tears streamed down her eyes.

Just then, the girl’s eyes came wide open.

It was a dream. It was a night dream.

She saw that a doctor was by her bedside, making a routine examination on her pupils with a flashlight.

Abby was utterly overwhelmed. She broke down in tears and cried, shuddering in fright.



Eclipse eNovel

The picture was clear. She’d got a second chance to life.

Jason’s biggest betrayal of the evening before, didn’t matter anymore. Neither did it matter if a part of her 48-hour parole was wasted on that futile hope on him.

Abby had got another chance now. She’d got the chance for a fresh start.

The 25-year-old jolted up now. She seized the medical doctor by the hand. The young woman was Abby’s new acquaintance in Montagne Posée, and she was a committed Christian.

Abby held the doctor’s hand and begged; with some urgency and desperation in her voice.

‘Ha, Dr Cynthia!’ she cried. ‘You’re a Christian; please pray for me. I want to surrender my life to Jesus. Please pray for me; please…!’

The medical doctor joined hands with the tearful young lady. And she led her to pray. A prayer of surrender.

A prayer of freedom.

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