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Outcast eNovel: Chapter 3

HEIRSENS of Olde Glassfield rallied round the Grand Fountain at the Garden of Honour. And mists of happiness filled the entire atmosphere, as the old city celebrated her tidal Feast.

Arstol of Highland North was no stranger to the custom of the Feast of Remembrance. He knew everything about the all-important feast.

Heirsens’ Feast of Remembrance was marked in every city of the realm. And it was celebrated in almost the same manner across cities; even though the times of the occasion may vary widely.

The great feast always commenced with the Solemn Assembly all day long. With readings from the Book of Ages, and teachings from its hallowed pages.

Arstol moved to join the crowd gathered round the Grand Fountain now. His curiosity had been aroused a little, seeing Xandur’s glass armour gilded in glittering gold.

Prince Arstol had been a sort of loner since he was born into that realm. Arstol hadn’t been interested in other heirsens, except in his own people.

And of all the tenets in the Book of Ages, the tenet of ‘the Speck and the Log’ was the closest to Arstol’s core. He had followed the precept all the way. He had followed the precept all the way.

So the North prince had been busy removing the log in his own eyes, and in the eyes of his own people.

And so much consumed about his own faults was Arstol, that he didn’t concern himself about the tiny specks in the eyes of other heirsens.

Yet for the first time Arstol had raised his gaze from himself, and had just beheld a different sight in front of him.

It was the golden paintings on a glass armour.

And to cap everything, the gilded one was the protector of the great Olde Glassfield.

Arstol was curious to see more.

Prince Arstol wanted more. He wanted to see how equally gilded and adorned the people of Olde Glassfield must be themselves.

Especially when their protector was gilded in dazzling gold.

Now the Glassfield’s feast that was once like a burden to the North prince had suddenly become so light.

The solemn feast had turned a piece of entertainment to him. It had become a feast for a curious mind to feast on.

Prince Arstol wasn’t the type to join the rally at the fountain before.

The North prince would always go up to the Grand Hall, where the solemn assembly would converge. And he’d settle himself in his seat, and get ready for the assembly.

But this time Arstol really wanted to feed his curiosity.

Yet as a noble protector, he didn’t want to conduct himself in the manner the gathered heirsens would behave. The sort of the people who followed his lead back home in Highland North.

Arstol turned his head at the moment. And he saw other princes gathered in cloisters at a farther distance.

Yes, that was where he belonged. But Arstol knew he couldn’t join in their cheerful chatters. His quietness was standing in the way. And so also was his present situations.

Prince Arstol was cast in a dilemma. Neither of his needs were doable.

Here on one hand was his honour, standing as proud as a mountain in the paths of his keen desire.

Yet on the other hand was Arstol’s staunch personality, spreading as wide as a river in the way of his noble etiquettes.

But the North prince was decided at last. He decided he was going to stay around here a little longer.

‘I’ll stay and watch the people for a while,’ he told himself. And then he braced up and settled down a little closer.

So from a distance, Arstol watched the heirsens of Olde Glassfield. He gazed and glared as they danced round the fountain spring.

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