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Outcast eNovel: Chapter 4

PRINCE Xandur’s voice boomed loud in the Grand Hall, which spanned so vast across the Garden of Honour.

And the seated assembly listened to the speaker. A speaker whose form no one could see.

Xandur declared: ‘Ours is an invisible garment. It is the garment of gracious honour.’

He glanced over his seated audience as he charged on. ‘The cover leaves on Adam and Eve were visible. But ours is the invisible covering…’

The many gathered heirsens here at the Grand Hall were attentive. And so was Arstol where he sat among other princes.

This was the part of the feast Arstol had always anticipated. And Xandur’s teaching from the Book of Ages had been what he loved most.

Arstol gently nodded, as Xandur’s words sank into him. He thought the words further; and his interest grew even more.

It was what he needed at the moment, he felt. He needed encouragement about his present struggle. He needed some reassurance. And here it was in the words of a speaker he admired.

The old prince continued. ‘The nakedness of mortals needed to be clad. Man and woman couldn’t have remained naked; and so there came the leaves covering them.

‘But even the leaves weren’t perfect. Until the Father covered the two mortals with clothes made from animal skins…’

Xandur called out now. ‘Heirsens of the timeless realm! Let us walk towards perfection. Let us embrace the change. Let’s embrace the colours… as we walk onto the state of perfect appearance.’

Arstol was confused now. Xandur’s words seemed clear yet unclear. And the young prince couldn’t figure what the old noble was saying at all. He couldn’t make anything out of his teaching.

Arstol pondered. Is Xandur saying we have a better shining appearance elsewhere? Other than this patched-up glass I’m seeing on everyone?

What does he mean by all these? Is he saying Father is allowing us paint our crystal bodies in leaves and flowers? To get us to a state of perfect appearance…? Is that it?

Arstol was disturbed and bothered.

If Xandur means all these, he mused. If he really means this, isn’t he going against the Book of Ages? Isn’t he rebelling against the Father of all?!

The North prince was utterly baffled. And the more he thought about the words, the more confused he got.

And so when Arstol couldn’t make any sense from the teaching, he moved to figure out the teacher himself.

Arstol stared at Xandur from where he sat in the Grand Hall. And he aimed to see his glass apparel again.

But Arstol couldn’t see the form of Xandur’s gold painted glass. For some blinding lights had shone against the speaker on stage, hiding his appearance from the sight of his congregation.

And not even the princes behind the old noble could see Xandur’s appearance while he spoke.

The sight blinding lights shining on a speaker in the solemn assembly, had been a tradition in the realm.

It had been the tradition that no heirsen might be able to see the glass garment of a noble prince, while he taught from the High Altar of Words.

However, many heirsens have the opinion that the tradition existed to bestow sanctity to the reading of the Book of Ages.

Many others would say the blinding lights on a speaker simply existed to sanctify him.

Yet again many would argue that a noble could never err, and so he needs no sanctification.

But only few heirsens knew the truth behind the lights. Only few nobles knew the reason for the blinding beam on a teaching prince.

And Arstol wasn’t among the princes who knew.

Prince Arstol wished to see Xandur’s gilded armour again, even after the solemn assembly. But the North prince knew he wouldn’t be able to see that sight.

Not when Prince Xandur was conscious of Arstol’s curiosity now.

The North prince reclined in his seat in that moment; and he returned to his burdened concerns.

Arstol returned to the thoughts of the painted patch. The painted thistles masking the cracks on his glass armour.

Prince Arstol knew it now, that Xandur’s teaching wasn’t going to be of any help. The old noble’s words were only going to do him more harm than good, he admitted.

Arstol gave up completely. He gave up on looking at other heirsens.

And he withdrew into his quiet shell.

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