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Outcast eNovel: Chapter 17

IT was the same evening. And the Prince of Highland North floated his winged chariot over and across the realm’s west borders.

Then soaring over the border city of West Stongate, Arstol flew beyond those great stonewalls enclosing the heirsen realm.

Then he plunged deep down towards the Dungeon of Fears beneath. Towards that yonder darkness called Dreadful.

Yet Arstol of the North ventured here alone. Galloping his chariot through those dense clouds of blackness and gloom.

Now the North prince could hear awful cries of creatures roaming round him. He could hear their frightful shrieks… as he dove down into the dreaded world of fears.

Gentle Arstol was terrified beyond words. And he wished he hadn’t flown here alone.

But then the prince was nearing the battleground already. So now it was too late to turn back home.

Right then Arstol drew out his giant sword. He brandished it with a ferocious wave in the air.

The heirsen blade glowed in the surrounding darkness. It glowed red and hot. Like a chunk of ember plucked out of flames and fire.

For truly, yes, truly… the afterglow of the sword had shone from the purest lights it’d gleaned and garnered…

From laying quietly for so long. At the Father’s Altar of Truth.

Thus, Arstol drew out his glowing blade in the dungeon’s darkness. And as he did he sighted the horrible creatures, charging towards him already.

The young prince cowered in fear. And he trembled terribly in that sudden moment.

But then, the next moment, the creatures raced away from Arstol with the flight a frightened bird. Just as the burning sword came out of its stealth and glowed fire-red.

Arstol let out a huge gasp of breath. Then he plunged downer. And with a steeper descent. Into those dreaded depths below him.

Soon enough the North prince landed on the lowest parts of the Dungeon of Fears. And the terrains on those base parts were so widespread and vast. Like they were fields vaster than giant cities.

But then Arstol saw no one at all. At that spot where his unicorns landed.

Yet the plains where he found himself was the gate to the camp of bastards. But he saw nothing at all. Whether a being or a beast.

Gentle Arstol lifted up his head, and he looked right above him.

Then the noble saw a sign appear just then. It burned in fire red.

Arstol read the frightful words.


The young prince just stood, terrified and horrified.

For he was now in dreaded dungeon. And he must keep moving.

The North prince decided to come down from his chariot; and to make the unicorn wait behind, while he navigated the darkness ahead.

For Prince Arstol feared another thing now.

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He was scared about the rattling sounds his chariot would make. He feared it would alert the adversary there – and who was keeping the bastards captive.

Indeed, Arstol wasn’t ready to bind the adversary first.

He wasn’t ready to fight and bind the adversary. Ever before he’d plunder his precious spoils.

Arstol wasn’t prepared to fight a good fight.

So then the North prince alighted from his brazen chariot. And he quietly walked up the way, holding up his burning sword to light his pathway.

Everywhere on that side was quiet and still. There was no sign that anything at all dwelt around.

And if not for the bold claim the previous sign held, Prince Arstol would have thought no bastards were held captive here at all.

But then everything in that place called the bastards’ camp. Everything in that camp really oozed with awful dread.

And so much no other place could be called the Dungeon of Fears. Than down right there.

So, as the Prince of Highland North wandered…

As he wandered through the vast blankness, and sought out a trace of bastards dwelling around, his thoughts simply wandered home.

Yes, to that moment he told his princess he was soaring far.

◙ ◙ ◙

Arstol’s mind went back. Back to the moment he took leave of Ereon. When he was to leave for the Dungeon of Fears.

Yes, beautiful Ereon was Arstol’s solemate.

For in the heirsen realm, valiant sons of the Father-King always settled down in the King’s business… and while being in companionship with a precious daughter from the Father.

So the young, beautiful Princess Ereon was the one for Prince Arstol.

But then Arstol never confided in his princess about where he was headed. Nor did he tell her what he was planning when he left home.

For when the young prince was leaving that morning, he only said:

‘O my Ereon, should I not return home by sunrise tomorrow. Should I be later than dawn to return…

‘Promise you’ll come towards the west border gates tomorrow. Promise you’ll go as close as to the Dungeon of Fears!’

But then when Ereon heard Arstol mention even the dreaded dungeon, the princess just couldn’t hold down her worries and fears.

And rather than promise her solemate anything, she only pounded him with several many questions.

‘Where are you going to, my Arstol? Where exactly is it that I may come with you?

‘Are you at all flying to the Dungeon? Why would you go there, my Prince? Answer me now. Or I’ll be too bothered about you!’

Arstol only shook his head and sneakily denied it.

‘I am not heading anywhere that will bother you, Ereon,’ he said. ‘Just promise me; promise you’ll come,’ he insisted, feigning a confident smile.

But then Ereon wasn’t going to bulge at all.

‘No tell me what you’re planning, my dear Arstol!’ she pestered. ‘Tell me now or you’re not leaving me!’ she insisted, seizing her prince by the arm.

Arstol knew he couldn’t prevail over his princess at this rate. He decided to use a bit of force.

And so he whisked off Ereon’s grip from him altogether. So much the damsel’s arm hurt a lot.

With that, Arstol headed out of their private chamber. And it was then that he soared far ahead into the west skies bordering the heirsen realm.

It was then he plunged into that dark sphere of their giant universe.

◙ ◙ ◙

So now, there roamed the Prince of Highland North in that realm of fears.

There roamed he… alone and unaided.

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