Outcast eNovel: Chapter 18

PRINCE Arstol decided to stop roaming the Dungeon of Fears in aimless wander. He decided to call out the battle cry in earnest.

Arstol hadn’t seen anyone around; but he’d just begun to feel some presence in the darkness yonder.

So the Prince of Highland North set out right then with his challenge. And the words of that battle cry he took from the realm’s Book of Ages.

Yes, it was from the ninth chapter of the Writings of Isaias. From its second verse through the fifth one.

So then, holding high his glowing sword to light up the gloom, Prince Arstol chanted the burning words of Isaias IX. II – V.

He cried out…

‘The people who walk in darkness

Have seen a great light;

Those who dwell in the land of the shadow of death,

Upon them a light has shone.


You have multiplied the nation

And increased its joy;

They rejoice before you

According to the joy of harvest,

As men rejoice when they divide the spoil.


For you have broken the yoke of his burden

And the staff of his shoulder,

The rod of the oppressor,

As in the day of Midian.


For every warrior’s sandal from the noisy battle,

And garments rolled in blood,

Will be used for burning and fuel of fire…’

And then Arstol halted a moment. He stopped to pay attention to his surroundings.

For indeed a horde of bastards was now gathered round the young heirsen. And they stared at him with questioning faces.

Arstol turned towards the gathered host. He directed his next words at them.

He cried: ‘O you inhabitants of the Dungeon of Fears! Why dwell in fear? Why live in dread? Why, when you can live in peace and safety?’

The young noble aimed to continue, but he was quickly intercepted by a member of the standing host.

‘That is our question for you!’ snapped the bastard. ‘Why will you leave the peace of your kingdom behind, and come disturb our peace and safety?

‘Why are you disturbing our quiet existence and even endangering us right now? Why… what is it you want with us?!’

Right then Arstol lost all confidence. He wasn’t prepared for that sort of counter on his challenge. The North prince was confused. And he didn’t know what to do or say.

Just then another bastard picked up.

‘D’ you know we can hit you, wound you, lynch you all we want? But we won’t!’

And the voice that uttered that threat was only a quiet growl.

Now Arstol felt grateful. And right then he wished his unicorn would race down to him just then, so he would escape in his flying chariot.

But then again that wasn’t happening.

Arstol feared terribly now. He feared so much he almost sunk to his knees to beg. Even when the bastards hadn’t decided what to do with him.

The first speaker among the bastards spoke up. ‘We will let you go free!’ he declared. And Arstol let out a quiet breath of relief.

But then the speaker added something just as soon. And that afterthought utterly shook the young noble.

‘Where is your chariot?’ asked the bastard. ‘It is all you must surrender, and you’ll be free.’

Arstol gasped in shock. It was a moment of terror for the noble prince.

The North prince considered the dreadful thought quietly. He wondered how he’d ever head back home… should his chariot be taken away from him.

But Arstol knew there was no way he could get home without his winged cart. Yet again, he knew the only way to save himself was to let go of it.

The young prince conceded now to give up his chariot. And he led the bastards to where his precious unicorn stood, quietly waiting for him to return.

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So then, the bastards of the dreaded dungeon ceased Arstol’s chariot. And they walked it down to their camp in the darkness ahead.

The Prince of Highland North thereafter roamed the empty fields around, in that dungeon of utter darkness and gloom.

And all through that horrible night, Arstol searched the way to return to the glorious realm of heirsens.

For indeed he’d seen everything and experienced it all.

That without the Father’s backing, an heirsen would lose a battle.

And without even starting.

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© July 2021 Kayode & Tola Olla

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