A note of apology…

Our Cherished Readers,

We sincerely appreciate your time and effort in following and reading our novels. Your readership means so much to us; thank you.

We are putting this out to let you know just how we feel. How we feel deep inside about not being able to meet up with the daily posts of our latest web serial.

We are sorry for the increasing irregularities in the post schedules of late, in the ongoing streaming of the Outcast novel.

It’d been about one and a half weeks of not being able to keep up with posting every day. And we feel sorry now that we are just getting to let you know why things did go that way.

We also regret to inform you that this irregularity may continue for a little while; hopefully through this week and the next.

Our utmost desire from the first day was to stream Outcast without missing a day. But at the same time, we do always have to combine our secular work with the ministerial calling effectively. And be as hardworking and meticulous in one as in the other.

So, we sincerely apologize for the irregularities once again. And we promise that by God’s grace we will put enough effort to stream the other part of the novel with little or no irregularities the weeks after the next.

We hope you will bear with us further, then. We hope and trust you’ll continue to follow us in the journey of Xandur and Arstol, and other princes in the heirsen realm.

Thank you for your understanding, as always. Thank you really much.



Kayode & Tola Olla

29 July

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