Outcast eNovel: Chapter 25

IT was a cloudy morning. And a fleet of winged unicorns flew across the wide-flung Heirsen world down west.

Arstol’s flying chariot charged ahead of that teaming fleet ridden by those disciples of his battlefield academy.

The large army of heirsens flew with a crushing haste. A haste like that of a flying dart. But it was only Arstol’s matchless pace that made his disciples hurry so.

The army hastened in a maddening flight till they had flown over the west boundaries of the entire realm.

Then down the heirsens dove. Down and down into that Black Pit where the Dungeon of Fears lay.

Landing again at the bastards’ gates which welcomed no one, Arstol commanded his army to make their unicorns lie low in the darkness there…

While the young soldiers followed him on foot to that camp of bastards ahead.

Also, Prince Arstol assigned twelve heirsens to guard the roosting unicorns; while they hid themselves, too, under the cover of blackness.

So then, as soon as the Prince of Highland North ensured that the unicorns they brought to war were securely guarded outside the camp…

As soon as Prince Arstol ensured this, he matched his warriors off to the dwelling place of the bastards. Far in the darkest gloom ahead.

Now the North prince had chosen for himself a brave and trusted heirsen, out of his dedicated disciples at his war academy.

Arstol had chosen that heirsen he could throw his weight on as the commander of his army.

His name was Pelicas.

Yes, the Prince of Highland North had developed a battle plan with Pelicas, over many moons since the disciples had decided to go to battle.

And barely all strategies, running from challenge to conquest – all strategies were drawn out by Pelicas the commander of Arstol’s army.

Thus, this time Prince Arstol didn’t go down to the dreaded dungeon as the coward of yesterday…

One who would have feared alerting the adversary holding the bastards a captive.

This time, on the contrary, Arstol was determined to strike the Dungeon of Fears with a great plunder.

And he himself wasn’t going to set out fearing, he told himself.

‘Moreso,’ Arstol reasoned, ‘I’ve got a large host of warriors with me! I’ve got my many disciples fighting for me.’

So then, when Arstol led his army to the dark terrains where the bastards inhabited, he brought out a battle trumpet made out of the horn of a giant unicorn.

Arstol blew the horn in a mighty battle call. Then he handed the piece over to Pelicas to move on with the challenge itself.

Pelicas took hold of the device and made use of the same as an amplifier of voice. And so he chanted a challenge from the Heirsen’s Book of Ages.

Again before the challenge came to an end, an unprecedented multitude of bastards were out already, and they had subtly surrounded the heirsen army.

Arstol thought to take over the speaking device from Pelicas now and take charge of the challenge.

But still the Prince of the North was impressed with his disciples’ bold act. That act that drew out innumerable bastards out of their hiding.

There was nothing that made the noble prince more fulfilled than seeing his disciples fulfil his life-long dream. Yes, it was a gratifying sight to him.

Thus Noble Arstol reminded himself that the young commander of his army was doing well, and so he left Pelicas alone.

He let his words keep burning like a gust of wind in fire.

Soon Arstol realized that the bastards have so outnumbered his army and they’ve been completely surrounded.

Now Arstol was beginning to fear.

The next moment, the prince passed a secret order for his soldiers to reform and take positions, in a bid to mark the bastards surrounding the army.

Soon the heirsen army reformed with deft action and they took their new positions.

It was an heirsen to four bastards: yet the heirsen soldiers couldn’t adequately mark the numberless bastards.

Now, as Arstol observed the delicate situation, and hoped for a good conquest regardless of their own small number…

Just then a bastard stepped forward and interrupted the commander of his army.

‘You have spoken much!’ the hefty bastard growled. ‘But just a while ago you chanted a line or two that looks too unbelievable!’

Arstol recognized the bastard. He wouldn’t forget easily that wild voice and cruel face.

The speaker was that very bastard who threatened him the last time he came to the Dungeon.

Now a cold chill sloped down Arstol’s frame.

The bastard went on addressing Pelicas – his voice rumbling like the moans of some quiet thundering.

He stepped threateningly close and said:

‘Well, if I can remember your words, I think you said this. That your army is more than conquerors of war through the one who loves you.

‘And I can also remember this declaration you made. That the greatest love a person can have for his friends is to give his life for them…

‘Now did you just cook those up here. Or are they standing truths in the Heirsen world?!’

Arstol wanted to take the counter response. Yet Pelicas was fast to let the prince rest assured and trust his ability to handle everything.

And so the North prince pulled back and let his disciple wield his ability in a full swing.

Thus Pelicas spoke up really bold. But the heirsen’s response was equally too daring.

And so daring was that response that Arstol wondered speechlessly.

What exactly is Pelicas’ goal?!

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© July 2021 Kayode & Tola Olla

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