Outcast eNovel: Chapter 29

PERCHED in Highland North, and finally settled in his own citadel, Prince Arstol couldn’t grasp what happened to him back there at the Dungeon of Fears.

Everything felt to Arstol like an avalanche of extraordinary events crashing on him. And he still hadn’t sought himself out.

Arstol found his city secure and guarded when he came back.

For Princess Ereon had taken the stand in Arstol’s absence, and had defended the city and citadel.

Ereon spotted the spies before they could overtake the citadel.

Then she captured every one of them, locked them up in the citadel jail, and made them pine away there till she would find her prince.

Prince Arstol returned to her valiant princess. And when he saw her again, he was really sorry and deeply grateful.

Ereon was too pleased she found her priceless one. And so really pleased was the North princess, that she cried when she hugged him tight.

Prince Arstol went over to the parchment chamber afterwards. It was the chamber where the Book of Ages sat.

The noble prince wanted to thank the Father-King. Particularly for that great pardon over his wrongdoings.

So Prince Arstol went into the hallowed chamber, knelt before the open Book of Ages, and there he burst out in lively recitals of thanksgiving.

Soon the prince broke down crying. He thought of all he’d experienced at the Dungeon. Thought of his grave rebellion and disobedience.

He thought about how he was almost lured into the web of darkness by some fallen hiersens.

And yet again, he marvelled at such a great mercy he found that closed up his cracks, and made the enemy’s unicorn carry him home.

The noble prince fell on his face before the sacred Book, and he confessed that he was undeserving of that great mercy.

Now Prince Arstol wanted to make things right and straighten his crooked ways.

He would level every valley and fill up every hole… so he wouldn’t stumble again and fall out of that gracious mercy.

Thus, the North prince laid down on that wooden floor, and he poured out his sincere apologies again to the Father-King.

He went as far back as he could possibly remember. And there he broke down into pieces before the Father-of-All, opening up everything that was Arstol.



Battle of the Lawless
KT OLLA’s Battle of the Lawless

Prince Arstol’s experience at the Dungeon of Fears were to the North prince an unforgettable experience…

In a moment he fought gallantly like a warrior. Yet in the next he crashed so hard to the ground like a fool.

The prince toured through his many experiences at the dungeon; but he found himself stuck on a peculiar one.

The disappearance of the cracks on his skin.

Arstol had always known that body cracks can really disappear when bared open.

He also knew that when cracks are concealed and covered, they wouldn’t ever heal up nor would they disappear.

Yet, like most heirsens, Arstol had forgotten that cracks on crystal skins really did disappear… when a remorseful heirsen laid it bare and naked before the Father-King.

Thus, Arstol had joined in the custom of the heirsen world to cover up his crack when he got one in the groins of his skirt.

He’d put efforts into mending the crack, but rather than it disappearing, it only widened and deepened more and more.

It all started on a fateful day when Arstol was unfaithful to his solemate, Ereon. For the shining prince laid with a beautiful lady that wasn’t his to own.

And Arstol’s glass body cracked up right in the groins.



Battle of the Lawless
KT OLLA’s Battle of the Lawless

Yet, in a bid to hide his skin crack from Ereon and from the Father-King himself, Arstol decorated the cracked spot with a painting of thistle flower.

But then the mystic paint gel that heirsens applied to flawed spots only created painfully sweet sensations. Sensations that made heirsens crave the flaws even more.

And so, Prince Arstol went back to his mistress as the two kept laying together.

Then as Arstol continued over those tides, the cracks in his groins only deepened, and broadened, and widened.

Thus the prince kept expanding the flower paintings to further hide the crack on his skirt of crystal glass.

However, a day came that Arstol felt altogether disgusted about himself. And so he stopped seeing his mistress.

But then the noble’s cracks remained on his crystal skin, and with the painted patch also. For they didn’t disappear as the tides rolled by.

Soon the North prince forgot about the cracks on his body. Yet he’d always concealed it. Lest his solemate suspected it, and lest the Father knew.

Now Arstol remembered the events that caused the cracks in his groin.

He also remembered the transformation that happened to his skin at the Dungeon of Fears; and he was in awe of the Father-King.

Arstol recalled that he couldn’t afford the luxury of covering up the new cracks at the Dungeon.

And he was grateful that he went through the pains… to witness the cleansing and healing.

Prince Arstol sat up on the ground now, pulled his legs in and sat crossed-legged.

He was excited that he’d discovered a golden truth, where he sat there in front of the Book of Ages.

‘How did I forget this?’ he wondered aloud.

‘How did I forget cracks disappear completely, when we lay it bare to the Father in remorse?!’

That moment, a big, bright smile lit up Arstol’s visage. It suddenly occurred to him to share the beautiful finding with Ereon.

‘I’ve found it!’ he beamed. ‘Really, Ereon must hear this!’ he exclaimed, jumping to his feet straightaway.

The prince made to hasten down to his solemate and tell her what he just discovered. But then his feet dragged sluggishly after him.

Arstol felt really hesitant to face Ereon with this, the truth about body cracks.

For in telling his lady about body cracks, Arstol must tell the truth about his own body.

Arstol saw now that the crack in question wasn’t just a hurting sight to the Father. The one whose spotless form and resemblance his heirs bore.

But the young prince admitted that the crack was also a grave betrayal to Ereon, his one and only.

For, indeed, Arstol knew that his solemate owned that exclusive right to his body.

‘Ah how do I tell Ereon?!’ Arstol wondered now, sighing heavily.

‘This is too much to say! No, this is too big! How do I tell Ereon I did this!’

Then Arstol bowed his head heavily and breathed a quiet sigh.

‘Now I see why heirsens cover up flaws! I see why we cover up cracks! Cracks are too shameful to reveal, I see!’

But then Arstol didn’t know his solemate knew. And that she’d been hurting since the very first day.

No, Arstol didn’t know that Ereon knew.

And that she was still hoping he’ll tell her.

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© July 2021 Kayode & Tola Olla

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