Outcast eNovel: Chapter 31

XANDUR Prince of Olde Glassfield was shaken beyond words, where he stood at his work chamber in his city’s Grand Tower.

That cold, frosty morning, Prince Xandur stared speechlessly at a piece of parchment. It was a quick note from Pelicas and the spies he sent up North.

For the spies had been banished from Prince Arstol’s city.

The message in the letdown note was simple. And Prince Xandur read it to himself.

The egg is broken from inside. But it hatched itself and life came forth. Now Highland North dazzles in the purest glories of crystal, and has become a new-born wonder.

Xandur read the message over and again – as though his re-reading might change the disappointment in the note.

But then the message hit the Glassfield prince too hard.

He gasped: ‘How can it be? How is it possible?’



Battle of the Lawless
KT OLLA’s Battle of the Lawless

Prince Xandur staggered about, then settled in a seat. He felt beaten hands down; he felt so defeated.

The old noble let out a loud scream. It was a scream of frustration.

But Xandur’s impulsive yell wasn’t a frustration over Prince Arstol. It was rather a brash protest to the Father-King.

‘How could you do this to me?!’ he pouted bitterly.

‘I served you with my everything, and you know it! I brought in thousands of bastards into the realm – and you know this too!

‘I raised many protectors for you! What haven’t I done for you?!’ he moaned and sunk his head, whimpering.

The next moment, the old prince raised his gaze up and blurted.

‘Why do you hate me so much? What have I done to deserve this? You know how much I tried to have a spotless skin; you know it! Why then did you choose Arstol over me?!

‘Why did you choose the child over his guardian? Why? Why? Why did you ever prefer little Arstol to me?!’

Now Xandur bowed his head over the desk in front of him. He shook with a long, breathless cry.



Battle of the Lawless
KT OLLA’s Battle of the Lawless

In that moment silence enveloped the whole place. And all Xandur could hear was his conscience and thoughts whispering.

His conscience told him he knew the answer to everything. It showed him the pride and rebellion in his stand… as he was only raised from low dust like everyone else.

Again, Xandur’s thoughts told him he’d got several many opportunities to be remorseful and accepted back… even right there and then.

But with each chance the old prince found, he only protested back each time, and blamed everything but himself.

Now Xandur felt exhausted; so he sat back in his chair and rested.

There was a hard knock on the door right then, and the prince jolted back to life. He quickly brushed off his tears, then asked his guest in.

The guest walked in. It was Celson Prince of West Stongate.

Prince Xandur stood up to receive the young noble.

‘I should have sent for you like I always do right?’ Celson spoke as he strode in. ‘But I haven’t taken a proper look at your Glassfield city,’ he said.

Then Celson corrected just as soon. ‘No, my Olde Glassfield.’

Xandur was displeased. He didn’t like Celson’s insinuation that his own city was becoming his. No, he hated to hear him call Olde Glassfield his.

Prince Xandur knew Glassfield had lost her very essence – since he signed that pact with Dalleon Prince of Waterfort.

Yes, Xandur admitted he’d traded the city to the Great League. But all the same, he hated to accept that his beloved city nearly belonged to the League now.

Indeed, the city of Olde Glassfield now appeared to be a field of splinters and smithereens. Yet the old protector was still not ready to give that ruins away to anybody.

For that crystal city of yesterday was all Xandur had got left to own and pride over now. So he wouldn’t take even the slightest joke about its ownership.

Prince Xandur didn’t smile to acknowledge Celson’s stance at all. He only offered him a seat over the desk.

Now Celson declined, reiterating his purpose of visit.

‘I want to take a tour through my city,’ he said. ‘I want to see Olde Glassfield in all its expanse.’

And then the West prince added quietly: ‘The Great League has asked for your city. The time has come for us to take it over completely!’

That said, Prince Celson walked out and shut the doors after him.

And Xandur crashed down to the ground in sweat and tears.

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© July 2021 Kayode & Tola Olla

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