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Domestic Suspense

(1 MB, PDF)

When Abby decides to help her bestie by all means, Emma knows her friend too well that she flees without a second thought… Read on


Romantic Thriller

(1.58 MB, PDF)

The white horses sacrificed yearly at the Festival of Earth Purity in Jaiye Kingdom are no longer sufficient. And the prosperous Jaiye people will do anything to… Read on


Fiction Collection

(1 MB, PDF)

Discovery is a collage of the most pungent plots and scenarios from a trilogy of novels from KT OLLARead on


Sports Thriller

(1.26 MB, PDF)

A major ambassador to the world’s biggest organisations, 20-year-old Tai VeShadd graces the international… Read on


Political Thriller

(1.44 MB, PDF)

Colonised for a hundred years before becoming independent in 1920, Kimberland again finds herself squashed under an epic conquest in 2020… Read on

If I Was A Dragongod

Crime Thriller

(1.22 MB, PDF)

When Kelvin’s daring poetic performance hits 15M views on YouTube in a matter of 24 hours of its upload, events take a different turn for the young Nigerian undergraduate. But it was… Read on




Narrative Love Poetry

(80 pages, Print)

In this collection of love poems that’s the first of its kind, Kayode Olla has the content poems spun into a beautiful love story!

Ordinarily, the union of the sexes, whether in affection or hostility, is a vast pool from which creative artists from ancient… Read on & purchase

Sprouting Again

Suspense Fiction

(224 pages, Print)

Kayode Olla paints fiction as bold and clear as everyday life in this suspense packed full length novel!

Romoke woke up one day at eighteen and realised her future held too little hope, as her dreams became apparently shattered, thanks to… Read on & purchase