Hello there!

The final 4 episodes of the Sacriprice eNovel series stream today & over the weekend at these times:

  • Today Fri 22 (12 noon WAT –Chapter 35)
  • Tomorrow Sat 23 (12 noon WAT Ch. 36; & 6 pm WAT Ch 37)
  • And on Sunday 24 (6 pm WAT –Final eps. Ch 38)

Thank you our dearest readers for following Sacriprice series so far.

And thank you for bearing with us on the slow pace this time.



Kayode Olla

(For the KT OLLA Duo)

Great Stories, God Stories

SACRIPRICE Web Streaming Rescheduled To Thrice A Week…

Our Cherished Readers,

We trust God’s been keeping you safe and healthy. And thank you for following our latest web fiction series Sacriprice, through daily releases of new chapters, or episodes. Thanks much!

However, we like to notify you of a posting reschedule we just couldn’t help. And at the same time let you understand why we’re constrained to do this. Continue reading “SACRIPRICE Web Streaming Rescheduled To Thrice A Week…”