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Colonised for a hundred years before becoming independent in 1920, Kimberland again finds herself squashed under an epic conquest in 2020.

And everything becomes a mad race for the Rock Castle itself (Kimberland’s Presidential House) and for the enslaved nation at large.

The conquered yet charismatic President Jacobs has got a whole lot to grapple with already.

And then, an unknown love child from a long forgotten relationship suddenly shows up, and shook things up.

Reconquered is a thrilling story about the silent side of ambition. Yet its telling is particularly light and quite so fun to read.


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This series is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events, places and organisations are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real events or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Reconquered || © 2020 Kayode Olla

#DRAGONGOD: Chapter 25 – Final Episode

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It was five days after the University of Ankara was hit by the notorious Dragonfire.

The University community was yet to recover from the shocking event. Students had been sent back to the safe harbor of their homes.

It was like the University was in a state of coma.

And the same went for Kelvin Babalola. Continue reading “#DRAGONGOD: Chapter 25 – Final Episode”

#DRAGONGOD: Chapter 24

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Khalid and his Dragonfire group were about leaving the University campus.

They drove to the University main gate in their black Hyundai jeep and a white Mitsubishi thirty two sitter bus.

They soon met a long queue of slowly moving vehicles at the campus gate.

The Chief Security Officer had ordered his minions to make a thorough search on every vehicle that turned out of the campus via the main gate and other security check points. His junior officers were also to halt incoming vehicles for the time being. Continue reading “#DRAGONGOD: Chapter 24”